the ballerina

After three and a half years, Jianne Faye was born via C-section. She was also a 5-pounder like her kuya but still had to go under the knife. My husband and I really prayed for a baby girl so that our family would be complete. And God blessed us with this little darling.

Because of my frustration of not breastfeeding Coby, I vowed that the next time, I will make it a point that I would breastfeed the baby for at least one year. I could not  believe that I didn’t last for a year. In fact, I exclusively breastfed our little girl for 2 years and 9 months, close to three years. I was the one who gave  up already. But almost three years is goood enough. Now that she is five. She rarely gets sick. Annual bouts with colds is normal for her but overall she is healthy and smart.

Jianne is a very sweet girl. She would always hug and kiss Mama and Papa. In fact, she wants to be hugged all the time. I think at this age, I already know her love language and that is touch. Since she was breastfed, she is so attached to me yet has seeks independence when she in her ballet school or spending time with friends. There was no separation anxiety either. She feels secure that Mama is just there.

She is independent yet at times pretends to be helpless especially when she seeks attention from kuya. She knows what she wants. She can be stubborn at times but we would always tell her that obedience is important. She knows the consequences of disobedience, and boy it hurts. You can never hide anything from her yet when she keeps things you will have a hard time searching for them.

She enjoys it when I call her baby and acts like one at times.

She loves to dance. She is our prima ballerina. Even if she falls while practicing, she doesn’t stop. She continues until the song is finished.

She is embarrassed when I share her antics to friends. In fact, she doesn’t like seeing her pictures on my Facebook account. She is shy too.

She looks up to her kuya a lot that’s why she also loves to draw, paint and create things. She can be rowdy at times, more rowdy that her older brother too. That’s why I would call her attention whenever the play turns rough.

She seldom says I love you but she would always make you feel loved by her hugs.


2 thoughts on “Jianne

  1. She looks like a little angel! 🙂 I’m sure it’s a joy being her mother!

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