The Big Shift

In my previous post, Time for a Cool Change, I have shared that my husband and I were contemplating on moving to a different homeschool provider. Well, last week, we took the plunge and enrolled under Peniel Integrated Christian Academy (Homeschool). This provider supports an open curriculum provided that homeschooling parents REALLY teach their own children. The principal, whom I have been talking to prior to enrollment has somehow briefed me on their requirements and what she expects from the parents. When she learned that we have been homeschooling for quite some time, she said she wouldn’t have no problem with us with regards to complying to what the Department of Education requires of homeschoolers.

Prior to enrollment, I was already busy surfing the net for Coby’s curriculum. Every year, I find myself doing this, searching, asking around and computing for the next school year’s curriculum budget. Being the frugal mom that I am, Jianne will be using Alpha Omega’s Lifepac Curriculum for Math, Science, Bible and Language Arts. This set was Coby’s old first grade curriculum. I have kept it for four years in the cabinet and has survived two moves already! And now it’s ready to be used by Jianne. One of the great things about homeschooling multiple kids is that the younger ones can use the same curriculum used by the older ones. When Jianne completes Grade 1, I could then sell it to another homeschooler!

I checked out the books the principal was suggesting. My husband looked at it and both of us agreed to give it a try for Coby. Though it was a local textbook, it had colorful illustrations and the paper was nice and white. Coby was vocal about using Voyages in English again this year because he said, he wanted to write more. I was not a fan of 3rd grade Voyages but since he requested for it, I will give it a shot. We ordered the  book through the principal and we are awaiting for it’s arrival next week. She was very pleasant to talk to yet straightforward. She would give suggestions regarding curriculum and also encouraged me to use whatever fits our budget which was a big thing for me.

Before heading home, we went straight to the bookstore to buy plastic covers and other school materials. Even though, we had a full day, I was so excited to cover the new books. Covering books has been my favorite thing to do ever since I was in elementary. Even when I was in college I would still neatly cover my books with plastic and put my names on them 🙂

After enrolling, the principal sent me a copy of their homeschool manual, the Department of Education’s K-12 requirements, and other helpful tools which I could use for both kids.

Aside from being under a new provider, I have decided to change the medium of instruction in Social Studies from English to Filipino because I learned very recently that sixth grade students are required to take the National Achievement Test or NAT. This test determines the mastery of the student in English, Math, Science, Filipino and Sibika (Social Studies). I was in panic mode when I heard this because we have been studying Social Studies in the English language and nobody ever told me that during the NAT, Social Studies would be in Filipino. So instead of forcing my son to learn SIBIKA in sixth grade, I opted to shift him now to prepare him for the NAT. He still has, well, even Jianne too, difficulty comprehending Filipino, more so Social Studies in Filipino language. This is going to be challenging indeed! Honestly, I don’t get why the Department of Education requires us to study Social Studies in our own language. They have to review this policy because I think teaching the subject in Filipino is not only difficult but impractical too. Just saying…

We only started school this week, and so far it has been a fairly pleasant two days (by God’s grace!) I was convinced to do the shift because of the many positive feedback by other friends who also made the shift. I do hope this would “lessen the stress” as they say in our homeschooling journey. But then again, it does not matter what curriculum I use or under what provider I am enrolled in, it’s still God who oversees everything and plans everything for our family. He will be the one to equip me, encourage me, and inspire to be the best parent-teacher for my children. With the support of my husband, fellow homeschoolers, friends and family, I know we can make it!

Philippians 1:6 says, “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

  Lifepac Series

 Sibika (Social Studies)




3 thoughts on “The Big Shift

  1. Happy for you and your family! May God continuously guide you in your homeschooling journey!

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